Siirry suoraan sisältöön


All residency applicants must familiarise themselves with the rules and instructions for the residency programme. By submitting an application, the applicant acknowledges that he or she has read the rules and instructions and agrees to comply with them upon receiving a residence place.

All applications are processed in confidence by the working group for Serlachius residency: no information reported by the applicant is disclosed to third parties. The work plans of the chosen applicants will be stored permanently in the archives of the residency. The applications of the non-chosen artist will be stored until the end of the application period in concern.

The decisions of the residency working group are final; the working group does not justify its decisions, and they cannot be appealed. If so desiring, the residency working group may invite individuals for a residency independently of the search process too. All those invited must agree to comply with the same rules as those selected through the search process.

The residence agreement

After a residency applicant has received a positive decision, work premises at the Aleksanterin linna are reserved for him or her, along with a place to live in the dormitory Einola or any other place decided by the residency working group. A residency booking is confirmed with a written agreement.

Time schedules

The exact arrival date must be reported one month before the residency period begins. Any other relevant changes occurring before or during the residency period must be reported. If applicant is forced to cancel the granted residency position, we request that the position be cancelled in good time, no later than three months in advance. The artist ist liable for a hundred-euro penalty fee for cancellations, which are not done earlier than thirty days prior to the start of the granted period. A sick leave certification issued by an approved medical doctor exempts from the penalty fee. In the event of a cancellation, the working group will award the free place to an applicant who has been granted a reserve position or person the working group finds suited for this. If the applicant does not arrive at the residency in time and has not given a notice on a delay, he or she will loose his/her position in 24 hours.

Conditions for holders of residencies

The applicant and, for teams, the person in charge of the group and all of its other members, must have reached the age of majority under the laws of their home country. There is no upper age limit. The applicant must have adequate skills of Finnish or English language in order to cope in every-day communication and work environment. There are no restrictions as to the composition of a team or the number of individuals it comprises. However, the applicant must take constraints pertaining to the residential and work premises into account during the application phase. The application must be made by the applicant indicated, who must be a private individual. Residing at Serlachius Residency can only be temporary, i.e. official address of residence must be somewhere else. Galleries or other institutions, associations, other organisations, or the equivalent may not apply for a residency on others’ behalf. However, a private individual may represent any of the above-mentioned parties during the residency period.

Galleries or other institutions, associations, other organisations, or the equivalent may not apply for a residency on others’ behalf. However, a private individual may represent any of the above-mentioned parties during the residency period.

Please note that Serlachius Residency is open for artists who travel with their family.

Serlachius Residency is accessible also for persons with disabilities.


Each applicant is personally responsible for ensuring that all necessary travel, health, personal property, and other insurance policies as well as travel documents are up to date. The Serlachius residency programme agrees to issue any statements and certificates needed for insurance policies and travel documents.

Costs and final report

No rent is charged for use of the residential and work premises. Instead of paying rent, residents are expected to submit a at least one A4-page (ca. 2 000 characters) long report of on their residency and the work done in Mänttä. The report can contain also images or videos. The report must be submitted to the Serlachius residency personnel no later than one month after the end of the residency period. If the report is not submitted by the deadline, rent shall be charged for use of the residential and work premises, in arrears. The amount of rent for each adult residence guest is € 300 per month.

The Serlachius residency programme has the right to use the report, without paying compensation, for information about its operations, marketing, and research; however, the author of the report shall always be mentioned in connection with any such use. The final report will be recorded in the archive of the residency permanently together with the work plan.

If, during the residency period, you work on an exhibition, publication or thesis, we kindly wish that you mention the Serlachius Residency’s support in, for example, any press release or foreword. We recommend the use of the residency logo in these contexts.

The residency-holder is personally responsible for all other expenses, such as travel, material, and living costs. Fellow travellers reported on the application form or overnight guests agreed on beforehand shall not be charged a fee for accommodation or use of the premises. In other respects, they are personally responsible for all of their expenses.

Upon request, the Serlachius residency programme agrees to provide the resident with statements and certificates needed for funding applications.

General regulations on use of the premises

Residents must take good care of the premises and ensure their general cleanliness. After the end of the residency period, the premises must be handed in the condition in which they were accepted, i.e. cleaned up and tidy.

The resident is entitled to have guests, but any longer visits must be reported to the contact person for the residence. The conditions and rules for the residency apply to all guests also, and the holder of the residency is responsible for ensuring that the guests are aware of them. This also applies to any persons the resident may employ in projects. The resident is obliged to report any damage to objects or premises that he or she or a guest causes, immediately.

The resident is obliged to report any damage to objects or premises that he or she or a guest causes, immediately.

The resident is responsible for compensating for any damage caused through his or her negligence.

We hope that residents will inform the staff at the residence if they embark on a journey that extends to more than one night during their residence period. We also hope that residents can be reached, by telephone or via e-mail, at least once a day during the museum’s business hours – between 8am and 4pm – on weekdays.

The residential and work premises shall be inspected after the residency period has expired. In the event of any serious neglect in cleaning and sanitation on the part of the resident, the residence personnel are entitled to charge the resident for all costs arising from the cleaning, such as a cleaner's wages. The personnel must present any claims for compensation for damage caused to the property, equipment, and the equivalent within two weeks from the end of the residency period.

Rules at Einola

Residents can reside, work, and live on the residential premises as they would in ordinary day-to-day life. Keys must be personally signed for as received upon arrival at the residence and as returned at the time of departure. The residency will collect a fee of 60 € for each lost key.

The residential premises include three bedrooms, with each resident receiving a personal key for the designated bedroom. That room must be treated as the resident’s home during any stay by a guest: other people have no right to enter a room uninvited or without explicit agreement. Those staying at the residential facilities are responsible for keeping them clean. Each resident is responsible for his or her own room. Einola has a joint kitchen and sauna, along with shared washroom and toilet facilities. The residents are jointly responsible for these facilities.

Any loud noise or behaviour that disturbs other residents on the premises is prohibited. Einola’s silent hours are between 11 pm and 6 am. During that time you can, by all means, do normal activities (take shower, use sauna and kitchen) but one must take into account that some residents may already have gone to bed.

Smoking is not allowed inside the premises. Residents who smoke must clean and empy accordingly the ashbins during their stay and before leaving the residency. Consumption of alcohol is allowed but it must not disturb other residents or violate their rights for peace.

On Thursdays the laundry service picks up the linen and towels put in the laundry bag at the front porch of Einola. Every resident must for her/his own part make sure that the laundry service rotates properly and that the room has clean linen and towels also after the residency period expires. Instructions on laundry service are located in the shower room of Einola.

No pets are to be kept at the residence, on account of possible allergies. However, registered seeing-eye dogs are allowed.

Rules of the Aleksanterin linna

Each residency-holder receives a personal key to the designated work area. Keys must be personally signed against as received upon arrival at the residence and as returned upon departure. The residency will collect a fee of 60 € for each lost key.

Working is permitted at the Aleksanterin linna 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each residency‑holder works as an independent operator at the residence. The Serlachius residency programme does not have any rights to works or results of work produced during the residency, unless otherwise agreed upon case‑specifically.

Several people work at the Aleksanterin linna at any given time: there are three rooms upstairs, painting and sculpting facilities downstairs, and a joint exhibition and project space. Everyone must report his or her need for work space when filing the residency application. We try to assign suitable facilities for everyone. Use of the exhibition and project space is agreed upon in advance together with the Residency Coordinator. Each person working at the Aleksanterin linna or visiting there must respect the peace of the residency-holders and others working on the work premises.

Smoking is not allowed inside the premises of Aleksanterin linna. Residents who smoke must clean the ashbins outside duly during their stay and before leaving the residency. On account of work safety and possibility for everyone to work in peace, consumption of alcohol is prohibited, excluded of private parties of which will be agreed upon separately. Aleksanterin linna must not be used as a place for any afterparties after an evening in a restaurant.

The Aleksanterin linna is reserved primarily for residency-holders’ use so that they can work and fulfil their plans there. In addition to providing work premises, the Aleksanterin linna serves as a base for those living at the residence and the community of people associated with operations there.

Exhibitions and events at Aleksanterin linna

Residency guest can organise an exhibition or an event ar Aleksanterin linna. An exhibition or event does not substitute the end report as a whole, but it can form a part of its. Organising an exhibition or event is voluntary and independent activity. No rent will be charged of the use of the exhibition space. The duration of the exhibitions at Aleksanterin linna is mainly short, reaching from a couple of days to two weeks.

The responsibility of hanging, dismantling and supervision of the exhibition lies on the guest in residency. The same goes for the preparations of an event. Residency Coordinator assists in organising the event, in informing about it and if necessary works a liaison between the guest in residency and the personnel of the Serlachius Museums and Mänttä Art Festival.

After the exhibition or the event the gallery space must be returned to its original state. Serlachius residency does not participate in selling the works.

During a residency, various events can be held at the Aleksanterin linna by the Serlachius Museums, the organisers of Mänttä Art Festival, and other partners of the programme.

Cooperation and interaction

We hope that those working on the premises are ready to engage in interaction. Serlachius residency organises a Friday Coffee once every month which the residency guests are expected to present themselves briefly and to discuss their work. Local people interested in cultural events will be invited to attend Friday Coffee. Of any seminars, exhibitions, public events, and similar events at which we hope for the residency-holders to be present and showcase their work shall be agreed upon in advance.

The projects utilizing the collections or archives of the Serlachius Museums must be planned together with the personnel of the museums in advance. Requests for material must be sent 2 months before the arriving at the residency.

The working group of the Serlachius residency programme strives to help the residency-holders publish and show their works. It is also prepared to comment on works and consult experts in the relevant field and also to work on joint development of projects should a resident desire this.

The Serlachius residency programme hopes to provide residents with a successful work period and aims to promote the achievement of good results for work done after the residency period. The Serlachius residency programme is open to any ideas and suggestions from residents on how to develop the residence and the town of Mänttä.


The Serlachius residency programme work group does its best to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the programme’s Web site, but its content may change from time to time, with the associated inevitable delay. Also, these rules and instructions may be updated whenever necessary.

The Serlachius residency programme is not responsible for any material linked to on Web sites of third parties or for any damage that said material may cause to others’ servers or the users thereof.

Under no circumstances shall the programme be held responsible for any damage or losses incurred by the residency-holder, the residence, or third parties and arising from a resident’s work. The Serlachius residency programme reserves the right to make changes, including cancellations, in the event of force majeure. Any changes shall be immediately reported to the residents.