The residency operates responsibly


  • For the Serlachius Residency, responsibility for the environment is a matter of the heart. Our goal is to minimize the amount of waste generated and the negative environmental impact.
  • Our environmental work is guided by the international environmental standard ISO 14001. We continuously evaluate and improve our operations to achieve our environmental and responsibility goals. The aim is to reduce the adverse environmental impact of operations as far as economically possible and with the help of available technology and information.
  • The environmental goals of the Serlachius Residence are based on the environmental policy of the Serlachius Museums and the selected environmental aspects considered significant. Life cycle thinking and responsibility are the guiding factors in our operations.
  • We promote prosperity, human rights and equality.
  • Local well-being is important to us. In our product and service purchases, we favor local players as well as organic and local products. We work closely with local actors and residents of the residence are encouraged to do community projects.
  • The residence has recycling points for paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass and hazardous waste. We utilize recycled materials in our workshops and exhibition structures.
  • We save energy. The gallery's exhibition lighting has shifted to energy-saving LED luminaires. Air source heat pumps have been purchased to support heating
  • We prefer muscular exercise. Our guests have access to emission-free mobility equipment, such as bicycles. We recommend the use of public transport for our guests.