February 2021

KAAMOS RADIO: Invitation
The term ‘Kaamos’ refers to the lightless period of the year (above the 60th latitude) when the sun lingers below the horizon. Kaamos is the time of darkness, of stillness and quietude and of the arctic light, a time of storytelling, contemplation and of taking a rest. A Sami legend tells us of the ‘Nest days’, because it was believed that the sun rests like an egg in its nest during that time. ‘Kaamos’ also stands for a mental state that is difficult to endure and is also used synonymously for winter depression in Finnish culture.

The town of Mänttä-Vilppula is located approximatly 180 km northeast of Tampere, on the shores of Lake Melasjärvi. It is surrounded by a sparsely populated landscape made up of forests, lakes and rivers. Temperatures in January and February go from – 20 to -2 degrees Celsius. Northern lights occur at times.

will track both the phenomenon and variations of its inner states. Please share with us:
your theme specific compositions
favourite winter-time stories
poems and spoken word
and investigations
Lähetä tiedostosi osoitteeseen kaamos@datscharadio.de. Kerro parilla rivillä jakamastasi asiasta ja itsestäsi, sekä lisää mahdollinen verkkosivusi.
Nimeä viestisi: Kaamos Radio Contribution.

As the project is still in its planning stage, the final dates need to be confirmed yet. Scheduled are Saturday, February 13, 2021 Saturday, February 20, 2021 The length of the broadcasts is between 2 and 6 hours on the respective days.

Please submit your audio piece until the 3rd of February 2021

The program will grow with the flow of the events. There is no fixed time schedule. You’ll find a list of all participating artists on the datscharadio website in due time.

Kaamos Radio is a non-commercial art and culture project. The copyright for all submitted files remains with the artists. The legal model is the Creative Commons License (see http://creativecommons.org/learn/licenses). https://creativecommons.fi/lisenssit/).

in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (if interested, please, let me know) CONTACT kaamos@datscharadio.de www.datscharadio.de kaamos@datscharadio.de)